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Removal services

fRemoval services

Home and business removal services can really make your move go so much more smoothly. When you consider removal services, it is not simply a case of a truck driving from one location to another. There are a lot of extra tasks that go on to make a removal service complete.

Consider all the additional tasks that need to be completed to undertake a personal or commercial move. Most movers offer a diverse set of services to offer you a customised package to help save you and your family or workers a huge amount of time and stress.

Most movers offer the following types of removal services:

  • Packing materials
    Whilst you can arrange to collect these yourself, it can be difficult to know exactly how much and the exact type of materials that you need. In additional to packing tape, ropes and bubble wrap, there are a number of different types of boxes available for packing. The type and sise you choose will be dependent upon what is going to be back (and/or stored) in the boxes.

    Books become very heavy, so it advisable to use smaller and sturdier boxes for packing. Wine bottles and glassware are also heavy yet fragile when packed, so special dividers are available for safely securing when packing.

  • Packing services
    If you wish to have full insurance cover, it is usually only available when goods have been professionally packed by the movers themselves. That way, they know that the correct amount of packing material has been used and correctly stacked to avoid damage during transit. Arranging a packing service will save you a lot of time, as this can be an extremely tedious task.

  • Loading and unloading
    This is generally the main part of the mover’s removal service. They have the correct equipment for ensuring that your goods are carefully and efficiently lifted and moved from one location, into the moving vehicle, and then correctly delivered to the right location at the other end.

    They are professionals in avoiding damage to walls, doors and the actual items being moved themselves. Their professional know how can help ensure that you avoid the back breaking work yourself and therefore avoid any personal injury that you may inflict on yourself by using inappropriate techniques.

  • Insurance
    It is important that you check exactly what you are covered for by the mover’s insurance before, during and after the delivery of your goods. Accidental damage cover as well as the insurance cover for the vehicles that are transporting your goods may not necessarily cover certain circumstances or situations. There is often additional insurance cover available so ask what your options are.

  • Storage
    Some movers offer storage services as part of their overall removal services package. In some cases, they may manage their own storage areas themselves, or they may have special rates arranged with a third party storage company that they can offer you as part of your overall moving requirements.

Removal services offered by movers generally allow you to free up as much possible time as possible for you to be able to prioritise other important tasks that might need your attention when you are moving. Whilst it may seem cheaper to do everything yourself, sometimes investing in the complete removal services package can actually save you!


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Frequently asked questions

What will the move cost?
The total cost of your move depends on several factors. This includes the total amount of contents that you need to transport, the distance you are moving, the level of insurance that you take and any other special needs you may have.

What happens if something gets damaged?
Delivering your items without damage has the highest priority. However, there is always a chance that this may happen. The moving companies process claims efficiently to ensure that any type of damage claim is resolved quickly.


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Movers tips really helped
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Additional removal services made the difference
"My wife was really the one left with most of the work so it was a great help to have a moving company who offered additional services and helped save her a lot of stress and extra work."
By: E. London Moved from Johannesburg to Durban
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