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Moving tips

Moving tips

You will get a huge amount of help from your hired mover. When you are planning on either a personal or business move, it usually means that you are busy with a lot to organise and get ready. By using some simple guidelines to help you with your move, you can avoid a lot of unwanted stress and headache.

The most important thing to help ensure that your move goes smoothly is to plan ahead. Finding the right mover to help you are your move is. You want to ensure that such a task is left in safe and reliable hands for the moving of your goods.

When you are considering hiring a mover, it is a good idea to compare a minimum of three different companies to get a good idea about the different types of services they have on offer and their associated costs.

Handy tips to remember for your move:

  • Allow us much time as possible to prepare for your move
  • Do your research and approach the mover in advance
  • Be aware of your moving needs so that you can clearly explain your requirements
  • Check out the mover’s credentials
  • Make yourself familiar with their insurance policy and what you are covered for
  • Sort your belongings before packing; take the opportunity to give away or sell items you no longer need or want
  • Consider leaving behind electrical items from your country of origin if your new country uses other adapters
  • Making a floor plan can be useful to help you work out what will fit in your new premises
  • Be mindful of accessibility – narrow halls, stairs and lifts will have a big impact on the ease of movement of bulky items
  • Elect professional packing services to help ensure the safe transit of your goods
  • Consider holding times and/or storage facilities for your goods to avoid paying potential extra fees
  • Find out about backhaul or consolidated shipping to reduce costs if possible Ensure that you contacted your embassy in your new country to check any visa advice, etc
  • Find websites that may be useful to help you settle in to your new way of life in your new area
  • Be mindful of different customs regulations to ensure you avoid any issues


Quick tips for packing

  • Get organised early
  • Label your goods clearly
  • Use softer items to act as padding
  • Use smaller boxes for heavy items such as books
  • Self-packed boxes are generally not insured


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Valuable exercise to compare movers quotes
"Getting more quotes was definitely a good exercise for us, and it was interesting to compare the offers. Normally I would just phone a couple of places and give up but this involved hardly any effort our my part."
bY: M. Moore Moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg
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Movers tips really helped
"The movers were able to provide us with a number of useful tips which we found really helped with the final move itself. We can’t thank them enough for their help with our move."
By: W. Dirkman Moved from Johannesburg to Durban
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