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Furniture removals

Furniture removals

Finding a team of professional movers for your furniture removals is likely one of the best investments you can make for your home or business move. Often hiring a trailer can be a good option if you just have a single item to move, but a household of furniture can be a little more demanding.

Protect your goods throughout the entire move. This includes not only moving furniture out of your premises, but stacking them correctly in to the moving van or truck. You also need to ensure that items are correctly secured within the vehicle during transit. At the final destination, getting the furniture moved to the right area and avoiding damage to the doors, walls and other surrounds is also vital. Professional furniture removals by removal companies can ensure that you avoid sweating it out yourself, and that the correct techniques are used to avoid injury.

Easier moving
Some items may need to be disassembled or have sections removed to assist with easier moving. If you are moving in (or out) of a building that has stairs or a lift, you will need to take this in to consideration. Where there are long hallways or tight corners, it may even be useful to remove doors from hinges to aid in navigating larger or clumsy items more easily. In some instances, making use of a first floor balcony can even help make furniture removals get done much more easily. It can often be beneficial (or necessary) to partly disassemble some items for easier moving. Often these types of trickier moves are best left to the experts.

Bulky furniture removals
If you are packing yourself, arranging boxes and tape and packing personal items can be done relatively easily. Prepare yourself early and start to pack items that you rarely use well in advance. Ensure that breakable and fragile items are well padded, and make use of towels (in addition to bubble wrap and packing paper) to create extra cushioning.

Bulky items during furniture removals can be a little more of a challenge, so here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Beds
    The movers will often provide plastic covers that slide directly over your mattress to protect them against scuffing and becoming damp or dirty. Bed frames can often be completely disassembled so ensure that you bind frames together with tape or rope. Ensure that you keep the nuts and bolts safely together in a bag or container that is easily to find at the other end.

  • Tables
    The movers have a lot of experience with furniture removals but you can help them by removing the legs from a table.That will often greatly assist in maneuvering around doorways and along hallways. It is best to use blankets or sheets to cover the table to avoid any scratches during transit. Ensure that you retain all the nuts and bolts together in a safe place for reassembling at the other end.

  • White goods
    There are usually special manufacturer instructions for moving items such as washing machines and fridges. Obviously you need to ensure that fridges and freezers are defrosted and empty prior to moving. Make sure you secure all drawers and remove ice trays and other loose items. It is usually recommended that they are carted in an upright position to avoid the moving of gas within the cooling pipes. Washing machines and dryers often require the internal drum to be secured. Other types of electrical equipment also have special needs. Make sure you refer to the user guide to ensure that you move your items safely and avoid any malfunctions occurring when you plug them back in again at the other end.

  • Other bulky items you need to take care of to make furniture removals easier
    Bicycles can be much more easily transported by loosening the handlebars and turning them sideways. Try to cover the chains and pedals, not only to protect them from damage but also to avoid getting grease from them on to your other items.

    Paintings and pictures can also be difficult to move and you want to avoid any damage to frames or the glass. Often you can slide these in to wardrobe boxes or cover them with cardboard.

    Rugs, mats and carpets can often be simply rolled and secured with rope or tape for easy moving. It is often handy to have these cleaned prior to moving, and allowing plenty of time for them to dry or air before packing them.

    Be mindful of flammable items. Some items such as gas barbecue bottles cannot be carried by the movers. Consider oil or petrol that may be in such items as lawnmowers and other items of machinery, and empty them prior to transporting.


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Frequently asked questions

I can’t move all my belongings at the same time, what should I do?
Renting storage is often a useful solution to this problem. You can store your belongings temporarily or for a longer term, depending on your situation.

What is the best way to transport my piano?
It is wise to use a professional piano transporter or piano mover. Ask your moving company for more information.


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