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1. Start with a free trial period

If you choose to sign up now you will start receiving your first free quote requests within 24 hours. Evaluate the results and choose then whether you want to continue or not. Free of charge and free of obligations

2. We bring the customers to you

70% of all consumers these days will go online to look for you. With the help of our website we enable them to easily request a quote. We will make sure those quote requests will be send through to you mailbox directly.

3. The customer is yours

You will receive all contact details of the potential customer. You are completely free in how you are going to follow up the quote request. Over half of the consumers requesting for a quote finds the right service provider through our website.

1. Over 1 million requests per year

Over 1 million consumers use are service every year to request for a quote. This number grows every day.

2. Control your budget and service areas

You control how many quote requests you want to receive every month. Next to that you can also easily control the areas from where you want to receive requests.

3. Requests will be send to your mailbox in real time

As soon as the consumer requests a quote via our website, we forward it to you immediately.

4. No sign up costs, cancel anytime you want

You are not locked in to any type of contract. You can cancel your agreement any time you wish. You will never be charged any sign up costs or subscription fees.

5. Start with a free trial period

You will pay a fixed low price per quote request. We understand you want to get a feeling with our service first. That’s why you will get your first requests for free.

Fixed low price per request

You will pay a fixed low price per quote request. We offer different services and prices can vary per service. To find out what price you would have to pay for a request contact our team of specialists at our free phonenumber +271 050 086 17. Happy To Serve will never charge you for subscription or setup costs.

You control your own budget

The number of quote requests you receive each month is up to you. This way you will never be faced with unpleasent surprises.

During holiday seasons you can easily pause your account. Next to that you can control from which areas you want to receive quote requests. Whether you want to receive requests from just your city or from the entire nation? No problem, it’s easy to setup and easy to adjust anytime you like.

About Happy To Serve is part of Happy To Serve. Happy To Serve brings consumers and service providers together around the globe through our quote request websites. Our goal is to assist consumers looking for the right service provider. On the other hand we try to assist companies attract new customers. Customers which are often hard to reach on the internet.


In case you want to know more about or about Happy To Serve. Please feel free to contact us. You can reach us during office hours at our toll free phone number +271 050 086 17. Ofcourse you can also fill in the contact form at this page. In that case one of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.